Here's What Collectors Are Saying

“When I saw Chantel’s finished portrait of my daughter, I could not find the right words to express how I felt. It was so beautiful with all the colors she used and the way she captured the light in her eyes and hair was amazing. God has truly given Chantel a wonderful gift.....and she has passed on a piece of that to us to enjoy forever.”-Angie Smith (Mother) -portrait of Emily

​“What can I say? Mom’s portrait is beautiful. I have had so many compliments and everyone has said ‘that’s Reba’. I really appreciate the time, care, and every stroke of the brush you put into the picture.”-Valli Mummert (Daughter) -portrait of Reba

“Thank you so much for the magnificent portrait! It will be treasured by me always. Your gift for capturing Mikes’ likeness is unbelievable. You did him proud. It looks just like him.”-Diane Gates (Wife) -portrait of Mike

“Corey’s portrait is beautiful! God has truly blessed you with a talent that few people have. Those that have seen the painting are amazed with your talent.  He was a true inspiration, and you definitely captured that.”-Lisa Osborn (Mother) -portrait of Corey

​“Chantel has blessed my life and my family’s life by sharing her beautiful gift.  Her art has touched and continues to touch my heart each time that I look at the portrait that she created of my deceased father.  This portrait has brought me great joy during some very difficult and dark times. I feel that God must somehow play a large role in this amazing process because she captured my dad’s spirit, mannerism, heart and character through only a few pictures and speaking with us. Thank you Chantel!  May God continue to guide your paintbrush in all that you do.”-Beth Anderson (Daughter) -portrait of Jerry